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Check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIabPXjvT5BVTxRDPCBBOOQ

Dani, the man himself.

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Check out Dani’s current game: Karlson (3D)

Karlson, one of Dani’s most well known characters

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The wiki for all things Dani and more! Main Pages:
Karlson (3D)

Shortest Page: Karlson Epilogue/DLC

Longest Page: Muck Ideas

You can also make your own Fanon Articles. Here is every single article as of now. If you want to help out, then here’s a current list of the stuff that needs to be done: Add any new information (e.g. new Muck game elements, Karlson (3D) information)*
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*Currently the most important thing on the list.

**Second most important thing on the list.